Client: Clean my couch

Industry: Sofa Washing Services

Target goal: Stabilization of the daily number of leads at the level of 20-30 customers and decrease of CPA

The Clean My Couch company, as the name suggests, deals with washing furniture, mainly sofas and armchairs. It is a very well-managed and fully automated company operating throughout the Netherlands.

Marketing challenge:

Before starting cooperation, the client had been managing ads himself for a long time and his main problem was the lack of stabilization in the number of leads generated throughout the month. One day it was possible to obtain 20 leads and the next only 3, which caused problems in managing employees working on a commission model, based on the number of orders completed.


Stable acquisition of 15 to 30 leads per day and decrease of CPA, which had been above the break-even point of the client's business for several months. Our monthly budget was set at up to EUR 20,000.

Our activities​



In the first stage of cooperation, we sent to the client a list of questions that helped us prepare for the strategic workshop.


Strategic workshop

During the online meeting, we discussed in detail and expanded all the questions from the brief. We followed discussion with the activities of the competition that the client knew about. An important point of the conversation was the client's description of his independent activities in Google Ads, which at the beginning brought very good results, but with the increase in competition, they stopped generating satisfactory results and forced the client to look for an agency that would professionally optimize Google Ads ads.


Competition analysis

Advertising on the client's market has become very competitive, largely due to experts who wanted to act on their own, leaving larger companies, started advertising on Google themselves. Thanks to the Clean My Couch scale of operations, we had a significant advantage in the amount of data, the analysis of which gave us many optimization opportunities. To analyze activities of larger competitors, we used Semrush tool.


Account audit

So far, most of the settings in the account were optimized for clicks, instead of conversions, which worked well with low cpc and low competition. However, as competition increased, it stopped bringing results. The two most important adjustments we made were improving the conversion settings in GTM, e.g. by adding a thank you page and changing the structure of campaigns and ad groups.



Thanks to getting to know the target groups behavior during the strategic workshop and defining the specific values that Clean My Couch provides to its clients, and thus stands out on the market, we decided to divide the campaigns on this basis. Some of the structures that we used include cities, languages and gender - they allowed us to tailor the message using the client's USP. Our further goal was to optimize the search engine campaign and test additional solutions such as display remarketing and performance max campaigns.



In line with the strategy, we tested our hypotheses and ad groups. Large amounts of data played a major role here, thanks to which we were able to exclude locations and keywords that burned the budget but did not bring real results. An additional activity we carried out was the installation of the hot jar tool on the client's landing page and tracking how users browse the website. This allowed us to provide suggestions for changes to the landing page that significantly improved the conversion rate.

See the effects of cooperation


Client's review

Hello, how can we help your company?

Example audience: We reach users who were interested in our message from the previous stage of the funnel, so we know that these people can actually benefit from our offer. We exclude people who have already made a purchase or used our service.

Goal: Generate interest in our offer and show its advantages over the competition.