Client: OrtoDent

Industry: Health care - Dentistry / Orthodontics

Target goal: Increasing the online visibility of your clinic, attracting new patients

OrtoDent is a dental clinic that offers comprehensive dental services. The clinic is distinguished by modern technologies, advanced equipment, a team of experienced specialists and its own orthodontic overlay treatment system – OrtoStar. OrtoDent has been operating on the market since 1991 and currently has 3 locations.

Marketing challenge:

Our client's biggest challenge was high competition and attracting new customers who had not yet used OrtoDent services. The company also wanted to be more recognizable online and gradually start entering Instagram as an addition to Facebook.


OrtoDent set a few goals that included increasing the visibility of their clinics online, attracting new patients and maintaining the trust of existing customers. They also wanted to educate the community about oral hygiene and available dental services. Creation and expansion of the brand's profile on Instagram.

Our activities​


Social media audit

Firstly, our specialist conducted a precise audit of the current OrtoDent profile on Facebook. Existing content was thoroughly examined, engagement levels were analyzed and competition was assessed.


Content strategy

Based on the audit results, we developed a personalized content strategy. Key topics were identified, such as dental prevention, children's dental care and innovative technologies used in the clinic. We also focused on services that the competition cannot boast of, such as the proprietary OrtoStar overlay treatment or the Tooth Gems service, as well as the achievements and certificates of our doctors. Each training and event related to the clinic was documented and published on social media.


Creating high-quality content

Our agency regularly created a variety of content, including graphics, photos, articles and infographics. The content was tailored to the expectations and needs of audiences on Instagram and Facebook. We hired photographers who were able to best reflect our vision of OrtoDent as a friendly, safe and modern dental clinic.


Photo sessions

Our suggestion, which we introduced with the client's consent, was regular photo sessions every season, 4 times a year. We also focused on photos related to holidays and seasons to use ready-made stock graphics as little as possible.


Planning publication schedule

A personalized posting schedule was developed, taking into account optimal days and times to increase post visibility and community engagement. The content was created a month in advance so that everything was properly planned. In the event of promotions or changes in posts, we were flexible enough to quickly prepare new materials. Despite running two different platforms at the same time, i.e. Instagram and Facebook, different content and posts appeared on it. For several months, we have also been trying to focus on Instagram Stories, with a lot of interactive stickers that increase viewer engagement.


Interactions with followers

Our specialists actively answered questions, commented and responded to the needs of patients and ordinary profile observers. We acted as an intermediary in contacting the patient with the clinic, or directly referred him to the receptionist when registering for an appointment.


Meta Ads

Our company regularly planned advertising campaigns for the OrtoDent clinic, both for Instagram and Facebook posts. We also organized campaigns promoting new services such as Tooth Gems and hygiene packages, which turned out to be a huge success, filling the schedules of clinic employees.

See the effects of cooperation


Dzięki współpracy z firmą Digital Panda, OrtoDent wzmocnił swoją markę online, przyciągnął nowych pacjentów oraz stał się źródłem wiedzy na temat zdrowia jamy ustnej w społeczności lokalnej. Współpraca ta przyczyniła się do dalszego rozwoju kliniki stomatologicznej i podniosła jej pozycję na wrocławskim rynku stomatologicznym.

Facebook followers increased by 30%. The new Instagram profile is already followed by 700 people, the increase is constant and coincides with the engagement.

Users engagement in the form of likes, comments and shares increased by 30% over the past few months.

The clinic recorded a significant increase in the number of new patients who learned about it through social media and advertising.

Thanks to its active presence on social media, the OrtoDent clinic has gained greater recognition in the Wrocław region and the surrounding area. Patients are more aware of the clinic and its orthodontic services. Social media has made it possible to interact directly with existing patients. On behalf of the clinic, we were able to answer questions, provide advice and respond to patients’ needs, which contributed to better customer service and satisfaction.

OrtoDent Clinic was able to effectively promote its special offers via social media. This attracted new patients and encouraged existing ones to use the clinic’s services, and OrtoDent could also track and respond to opinions by managing its online reputation.

Client's review

Hello, how can we help your company?

Example audience: We reach users who were interested in our message from the previous stage of the funnel, so we know that these people can actually benefit from our offer. We exclude people who have already made a purchase or used our service.

Goal: Generate interest in our offer and show its advantages over the competition.