Client: Como Home

Industry: Lamps and lighting

Target goal: Increasing revenues by at least 200% within a year

A company producing and selling lamps and lighting, operating on the market since 2018. Como Home focuses mainly on online sales, but also has its showroom in Warsaw’s Praga district. The most important products in the store’s offer are ceramic / marble table lamps and hanging lamps.

Marketing challenge:

After a very good pandemic period, when customers globally moved from stationary shopping to the Internet, sales began to decline, and the two previous agencies were unable to cope with the problem. Client wanted to maintain a minimum of 200% year-to-year sales growth in order to continue to develop his business smoothly.


Our client's main goal was to return to the business development path and achieve a minimum increase in sales by 200%, with a maximum increase in the cost of conversions by 10% using a Google Ads campaign.

Our activities​


Strategic workshop

As always, we started cooperation in accordance with our custom process by conducting an online strategic workshop, during which we discussed with the client all stages of cooperation and goals that client expects us to meet. We obtained information about what worked in the past and what didn't work so well. At the last phase of the workshop we have focused on the competition.


Competition analysis

In addition to the information received from the client regarding the competition, we also conducted our own analysis of the activities of competing stores and distributors to have a view from a different perspective than the previous one. An important stage was price monitoring, which allowed us to provide our client with information about the need of settings minimum prices of his products with redistributors who lowered prices despite previous arrangements. The main tools we used at this stage were SEMrush and manual activities.


Account audit

At first glance, the account structure didn't look bad, sales conversions were set correctly, but we still found some errors and room for improvement. One of the problems we encountered were Performance Max campaigns cannibalizing each other, lack of a separate campaign for bestsellers and dynamic search ads.


Marketing automation

Looking for additional solutions that would allow us to increase conversions and improve ROAS, we proposed to client an implementation of marketing automation. After obtaining consent, we segmented customers into groups based on their involvement on the website, which allowed us to save a significant part of carts and, consequently, increase revenues.



By implementing the correct account structure and additional micro-conversions, we provided algorithms with more data and removed the element of ad group cannibalization. Data on micro-conversions allowed us to constantly exclude recipients who didn't convert but burn client's budget. In the first months, we focused on increasing the results, and when we reached the KPIs in terms of CPA we started to focus on building a full marketing funnel. In our opinion, in the initial stages of e-commerce optimization, there is no point in building complex funnels because it does not bring the intended results, it is better to focus on customers who are already looking for the products offered by our client.



When working with Google Ads, we always work in weekly sprints, and this is exactly how we designed the reports in Looker Studio. Every week, a summary was sent to client, presenting the most important KPIs, so that the client could check our activities on an ongoing basis without having to dig into the Google Ads account. At the end of each month, we conducted an online meeting with the client and a full 9-pages report.


Tools used

a. Google Ads
b. Google Analytics 4
c. Google Ads Editor
d. SEMrush
e. Idosell Marketing Automation

See the effects of cooperation


Within a year of cooperation, we not only achieved the goals set for us by the client during the strategic workshop, but we managed to significantly exceed them. Additionally, we have also introduced marketing automation, without which nowadays we cannot see the possibility of effective functioning of online stores. Currently, we are focusing on further growth on the Polish market and, together with the client, we are looking at the possibility of entering foreign markets.

Looking for additional solutions that would allow us to increase conversions and improve ROAS, we proposed to the client an additional implementation of marketing automation. We segmented customers into groups based on their involvement on the website, which allowed us to save a significant part of shopping carts and thus increase the online store’s revenues.

Client's review

Hello, how can we help your company?

Example audience: We reach users who were interested in our message from the previous stage of the funnel, so we know that these people can actually benefit from our offer. We exclude people who have already made a purchase or used our service.

Goal: Generate interest in our offer and show its advantages over the competition.