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Social Media Marketing

Creative. Stable. Effective.

We believe that success in social media is only possible with a well-prepared strategy.

We believe that success in social media is only possible with a well-prepared strategy. Our experienced specialists will take care of creative communication of your brand in social media and effectively run campaigns to ensure continuous growth of your company.

Trusted by many

Professional audit

We start each cooperation with a professional audit of your advertising account.

Experienced experts

In our experienced group, we can discuss any problem and find an effective solution together.


We build and optimize your campaigns based on a long-term strategy.

Quick contact

You always have direct contact with experts who are responsible for your advertising and content.


We operate on your account to which you have full access and receive weekly and monthly, easy-to-read reports.

No obligations

You sign a contract without long-term obligations.

Our custom process guarantees success!

The cooperation process developed over the years allowed us to achieve an average customer satisfaction score of 4.62/5 in the last quarter!

Meta Ads management

(Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads)

We specialize not only in setting and optimizing ads, but also in advising on other aspects (UX/UI, competition, purchasing path) that affect sales in your e-commerce.

We work mainly with large e-commerce companies, but we also like to scale smaller online stores to join the group of clients whose monthly revenues exceed $1 million. During our cooperation, we prepare dedicated landing pages, create and optimize advertisements, and provide business advice to our partners.

Protection against bots and competition

Competition analysis

Advanced targeting in the marketing funnel


Rooting your brand, service or product in the minds of your customers and laying the foundations for the next stage of the funnel.


Generating customers' interest in your offer and showing its advantages over the competition


Making a purchase or generating lead


Cross-selling, i.e. showing customers additional products or services personalized to their previous purchases.