Client: Sterna Polska

Industry: Household appliances

Target goal: Increasing awareness of the HIZERO brand in Poland

Sterna Polska is a company specializing in the distribution of the innovative HIZERO bionic mop on the Polish market. HIZERO is a modern device that combines sweeping and washing functions, ensuring effective and ecological cleaning. Sterna Polska is an authorized partner of HIZERO and has been operating on the market for several years.

Marketing challenge:

Our client's biggest challenge was the lack of awareness of the device and its functions, not only by potential customers, but also by people who already have the device. The lack of knowledge about this in the operating instructions resulted in numerous misunderstandings and complaints. Customers are also not aware that the company, despite distributing equipment from another country, has its physical office in Poland. Introduction of the new HIZERO model at the end of 2022.


Sterna Polska set us the goal of increasing awareness of the HIZERO brand in Poland, increasing the number of retail customers and representatives. A key challenge was also educating consumers about the advantages, functions and correct use of HIZERO.

Our activities​


Social media audit

Our company started with a thorough audit of Sterna Polska's existing Instagram and Facebook profiles. Current content, engagement levels and competition were analyzed.


Content strategy

Based on the audit results, we developed a personalized content strategy. Key topics were identified, such as the eco-friendliness of the device, advanced HIZERO technology and practical advice on the use and operation of the equipment. We also decided to focus on showing behind-the-scenes work of the Sterna Polska brand.


Creating high-quality content

We regularly created a variety of content, including photos, demo videos, customer reviews, and device posts. The content was tailored to the preferences of audiences on Instagram and Facebook to attract the interest of potential customers.


Photo sessions

Our suggestion, which we introduced with the client's consent, was regular, natural-looking photo sessions. Previously, only graphic posts and photos from the manufacturer appeared on the profile, which were heavily edited. We wanted posts to look natural.


Planning publication schedule

We developed a schedule taking into account the optimal days and times of publication, which was intended to increase the visibility of posts and engage the community. The content was created a month in advance so that everything was properly planned. In the event of promotions or changes in posts, we were flexible enough to quickly prepare new materials.


Interaction monitoring

Our company monitored comments and messages of potential customers and representatives, but in the case of Sterna Polska, they decided that their equipment specialists would respond to inquiries related to HIZERO.


Meta Ads

In the case of this client, they did not decide to use paid advertising. Based only on organic reach, we tried to ensure an optimally high increase in followers and engaged accounts. In order to reach as many recipients as possible, we focused on films available in the form of a roll.


Collaboration with influencers

During our cooperation, we carried out two collaborations with influencers. The first one was on a barter basis, the second one was paid. In addition to posts on Instagram with the brand tag, reels were prepared and a mention of HIZERO was made in a video form on YouTube. The cooperation was aimed at increasing brand awareness and prestige.


Winter campaign

In December 2022, we conducted a Christmas campaign presenting the new HIZERO model. In connection with it, a thematic, family photo session was made so that sales of the new bionic mop would be very high from the day of its premiere.

See the effects of cooperation


Thanks to our cooperation, Sterna Polska strengthened its online brand, attracted new customers and representatives and contributed to increasing awareness of the use of HIZERO equipment and its quality. This cooperation contributed to the further development of HIZERO distribution in Poland and education on ecological cleaning.

Compared to July 2022, when there were 2,350 followers on Sterna Polska’s Instagram, this number now exceeds 4,100 and is constantly and evenly growing. The recorded increase is 42%. All followers were obtained organically, without the use of additional paid advertising. In the case of Facebook, numbers increased from 7,900 followers to over 10,000.

In addition to the number of followers, the engagement of recipients under posts also increased. More and more people actively participate in activities on the profile and exchange observations and information not only with the company, but also among themselves, creating a community.

The distributor recorded a significant increase in sales of the HIZERO device, both the older model and the new one after its premiere, and an increase in the number of representatives and people willing to cooperate with the Sterna Polska brand.

The audience’s awareness of the device has increased. More and more customers know how to properly use HIZERO, and new people keep contacting the company, willing to become a representative of the brand. Thanks to publications directly related to Sterna Polska employees and their office, many people learned that it is a company based in our country, and minor equipment faults are repaired by Polish specialists.

Client's review

Hello, how can we help your company?

Example audience: We reach users who were interested in our message from the previous stage of the funnel, so we know that these people can actually benefit from our offer. We exclude people who have already made a purchase or used our service.

Goal: Generate interest in our offer and show its advantages over the competition.